GreenBuiltBusiness Community Membership

GreenBuiltBusiness Community Membership is a program which provides marketing opportunities to green businesses willing to partner with other green businesses.

Managed by, these partnerships are designed to spread information about green products and services to a larger audience while driving more revenue for firms that are members of the GreenBuiltBusiness community.

Why Become a GreenBuiltBusiness Community Member?

  • Add additional credibility to your business with the GreenBuiltBusiness Community Member Seal.

  • Monetization Opportunities - Learn ways to generate new revenue streams from your existing traffic including
    co-registration, e-mail list building, online ad placement etc.

  • Community Media Sharing - Get introduced to other
    community members that would like to swap or purchase
    media resources with you.

  • Other Marketing Solutions – Including Search Engine Optimization and Local Listing services.

  • Create a new revenue stream from your site through the FREE implementation of co-registration and other digital monetization programs.

How GreenBuiltBusiness Community Membership
is Different:

  1. GreenBuiltBusiness is focused on building a community:
    GreenBuiltBusiness is looking for businesses that want to proactively participate in programs that advance the marketing of green products and services. While having green initiatives is required, the emphasis of the GreenBuiltBusiness Community Membership focuses on a willingness to participate and build marketing partnerships within the community.

  2. GreenBuiltBusiness will proactively help market and grow your business: will introduce new marketing ideas to new members while seeking out partnerships with other participants to create mutually beneficial marketing solutions.

  3. GreenBuiltBusiness will work to improve your web presence:
    GreenBuiltBusiness will assure that your business is capturing and benefiting from your monthly web site traffic.

  4. GreenBuiltBusiness Community Membership is unique
    and affordable:
    GreenBuiltBusiness will help you build your business while creating a greater IMPACT.

If you would like your business to become a GreenBuiltBusiness Community Member, click the button to begin the application process.

Community Membership: $19.00

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