About GreenBuiltBusiness.com

GreenBuiltBusiness.com is a full service Internet Marketing Solutions Provider. Established to help businesses with green initiatives increase their IMPACT by finding new ways to promote their products and services, GreenBuiltBusiness.com areas of expertise include:

• Website Monetization
• Web Site Design and Development
• Search Engine Optimization
• Corporate Branding
• Online Media Planning, Buying and Management
• Green Hosting Solutions

Monetization Services:
GreenBuiltBusiness.com understands that accelerated website profitability can be achieved through a multi-level monetization strategy. By leveraging intuitive design, user-friendly functionality, effective SEO and other valuable digital marketing solutions, we create multiple revenue streams for our client’s websites. This is achieved by utilizing all website traffic and creating additional profit centers.

– Profit Center 1: Core product/services
– Profit Center 2: Online Ad Space
– Profit Center 3: Co-Registration
– Profit Center 4: Email/Newsletter lists

The Green Community:
The GreenBuiltBusiness.com Community provides non-competing businesses the opportunity to cross market their green products and services. The goal of the community is to set up mutually beneficial programs that introduce more green products and services to a larger audience. A firm must become GreenBuiltBusiness Certified to participate in community activities.

For more information, contact us to learn more about the GreenBuiltBusiness.com Community and our internet marketing and monetization solutions.

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